Obesity & Fitness

To adopt a long term approach that is different and not based on short term results.


Obesity is growing and over the next 30 years the number of people who suffer from obesity is set to multiply.


Herbal & Fitness want to develop food that is delicious but also helps you lose weight.


We wish to develop local exercise that is currently not available. Local exercise for obese people is crucial on a local street level. The current facilities planned for and provided simply do not meet the needs of this epidemic in obesity.


Approaches to exercise for obese people are inadequate. Fitness instructors receive no training for people suffering from obesity. The high intensity approach to exercise is simply not possible for people suffering from obesity and the local GP service is not able to provide the necessary support, where the obese person is expected to lose weight without the necessary support in place.


The design, development and construction of an obesity infrastructure is central to the long term strategic plan of Herbal & Fitness Holistic Community.